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Cognex VisionPro Systems

Cognex VisionPro Systems

Industrial Technology Systems Ltd (ITS) designs and configures PC-based vision systems, including Cognex’s VisionPro System.

VisionPro utilises a range of powerful programming languages e.g. VB.Net, C#, Visual Basic or C++ and offers a library of vision tools. The robust and proven system has 225,000 installations throughout the world. The Cognex VisionPro system offers seamless integration with control applications including robotics, I/O and factory communications.

Cognex’s VisionPro Systems benefit from an advanced tool library. With the tools, the systems can be configured to not only analyse but to really understand the images. The solution saves time and money, as parts do not need to be accurately positioned and the systems do not require frequent adjustment. Using the following tools, you can be confident that a VisionPro system, designed by ITS’ engineers, will work reliably, consistently and accurately:

Geometric Pattern Matching and Inspection
Cognex’s PatMax geometric pattern matching tool offers ten times more accuracy than other pattern matching technologies. The reliable location tools can handle changes in appearance, lighting and surfaces.

Geometry Tools
The geometry tools provide the ability to find lines and shapes, measure distances and angles, and have a data storage option used for storing the results for further analysis.

Identification and Verification
The identification and verification tools can be used to quickly and reliably read 1D and 2D codes on manufactured products. High speed optical character verification tools are also available to read different qualities of alphanumeric text on labels and products.

Image Analysis
VisionPro offers a range of image analysis tools including blob analysis for repeatable measurements, checkerboard and calibration for distorted images, caliper for the location of multiple edges, and fixturing for rotation and changes in scale.


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