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Microsoft™ Security & Reliabilty Services

Microsoft™ Security & Reliabilty Services

Small businesses that fail to provide a secure IT set-up face big problems.  In the current aggressive financial climate, they can’t afford to risk a catastrophic IT failure and many never recover from a severe security breach and have to close down.

According to Government figures, seven out of 10 companies go out of business because of IT malfunction, which can come in a variety of guises:  externally from viruses and unauthorised users, and internally from crashed systems and accidental deletion of files.

Industrial Technology Systems Ltd (ITS) in partnership with Microsoft, is offering a Security and Reliability Service tailored to the small business sector.    We recognise that companies of between one and 50 employees have neither the time nor the expertise to dedicate to unravelling IT problems - their priority and expertise is in running their business and staying productive.  

ITS has launched in the North East of England, a pilot FREE healthcheck of a company’s IT structure, and the opportunity to gain expert advice.  The scheme, to be rolled out nationwide after the regional launch, highlights how a reliable IT infrastructure can offer peace of mind by:

  • keeping critical business information secure 
  • protecting data 
  • updating PCs and servers automatically

ITS is a certified Microsoft partner, and products such as Microsoft® Windows Small Business Server and Windows Vista®, coupled with the opportunity to access Microsoft Financing, are ideal for small businesses, where the risks are high when data is not properly protected or stored.

Microsoft Financing means customers can acquire the software, services and hardware they need without having to pay the full amount up-front. Customers can pay in installments, making it easier for them to get the technology they need within tight budgets.

According to a 2007 survey by Microsoft and The British Chambers of Commerce, UK small businesses are keen to embrace new technology, but frequently lack the vision that could save time and money.  It found that time-constrained owners and senior managers are having to spend a disproportionate amount of time on fixing IT problems associated with security and data storage, as well as searching for files and records.

The survey highlighted:

  • loss of data is considered to be one of the key reasons for business inefficiency, yet half of small business don’t do a daily data back-up
  • IT security failures cost two-thirds of the businesses surveyed an estimated £1,259 per annum, yet two-fifths don’t have even basic firewalls installed on their PCs, and over half don’t automatically patch or update all their business PCs.

Microsoft’s General Manager of Small, Medium Enterprises & Partners Group, Scott Dodds, said:  “With 74% of small businesses managing their IT without specialist help, they need computer systems that are easy to use and manage.  It is encouraging to see that small businesses increasingly understand the value that IT can deliver.  Now, we hope they will go one step further and explore how it can better support their business.”

Research shows that the smaller the organisation, the greater the use of individual PCs, laptops and workstations, and the more likely they are to use separate pieces of IT to meet their business needs, with less integration and networking.  There is also a consistent reduction in the use of a Local Area Network with small businesses.

Contact Us Today!  A FREE IT healthcheck assessment by Industrial Technology Systems Ltd will be able to advise small businesses on their existing systems, and how improvements can be made which will bring greater security, company efficiency, return on investment, and ultimately, improved turnover.

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