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Case Studies > FUSION Centralises - and Simplifies - Operations

FUSION Centralises - and Simplifies - Operations

Industrial Technology Systems Ltd (ITS) designed a solution to help its customer, a major European chlor-alkali producer to overcome the following problems. 

  • Manage plant operations in real-time across 15 different plants
  • The company had more than 100 diverse legacy systems making it difficult to collect and analyse data in real-time
  • Plant operators needed a centralised view of all tanks to monitor and manage capacity, preferably through a web-based interface
  • The company required a better process understanding across its many plants and corporate offices
  • Supporting such a disparate number of systems put a strain on IT resources, driving up operating costs

ITS, an AspenTech Partner was responsible for bringing together disparate processes and data under one central platform. ITS’ team reviewed the customer’s existing manufacturing operation, paying particular attention to data management applications, different departmental reporting requirements, and compliance standards. The underlying goal was to leverage as much of the technology in place to protect investments, while optimising performance.

ITS’ experts worked closely with their customer to design and develop a nil footprint solution called FUSION based on an InfoPlus.21 (IP.21) database. The FUSION solution would serve as a working prototype that could then be rolled out to each plant in a phased approach. The solution was implemented seamlessly enterprise-wide without any significant downtime to plant operations.

ITS developed and implemented FUSION, its industry-leading, enterprise-wide visualisation tool with a calculation engine to display process data from all systems
The nil footprint visualisation tool provides a single repository for all manufacturing data. Its flexible and simple browser interface enables users to configure screens easily and efficiently and identify faults quickly.

FUSION is ideal for chemical and pharmaceutical companies that are tightly regulated and rely on locked-down desktops to protect critical, confidential data. When integrated with AspenTech's InfoPlus.21 (IP.21) system, FUSION can collect real-time and historical data to allow the generation of operating, batch tracking and KPI reports in a secure environment with audit logging facilities.

Importantly, all processes visualised through FUSION are available to authorised users anytime, anywhere over an easy-to-use web interface

ITS' customer is now benefiting from the following improvements:

  • Fast, secure access to data improves efficiency, lowers costs
  • The FUSION solution was deployed quickly across the customer’s 15 plants, helping them realise immediate benefits
  • Company-wide access to real-time process data results in better decision making
  • Automated data collection and reports save time and allow users to focus on more strategic initiatives
  • Centralised view into chemical production and storage tanks minimises waste

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