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Case Studies > Global Crop Protection Track and Trace System for Exwold

Global Crop Protection Track and Trace System for Exwold

Project Overview

To meet the French 2011 SC Trace guidance for coding, marking and data transmission, Exwold, a contract manufacturer based in Hartlepool, required a traceability solution. SC trace is now a requirement in French law and Exwold needed to adhere to the legislation to provide agro-chemical products to their French clients.

Solution Applied and Implemented

The solution, designed and implemented by Industrial Technology Systems, applies a data matrix code to each container including case bottles up to 100g upwards and bags 1kg or larger. The data matrix includes a Unique Product Identifier, batch number and date of manufacture. The secondary packaging also includes this information and the pallets include the data and an EAN code.

ITS provided a solution based on a server, engineering workstation, mobile computer code reading devices, printers, Windows Server, Nice Label so/ware and an SQL database. Two label printers and label creation so/ware will be provided to print the unique identifiers including a data matrix and human readable text on the pallet labels.

The solution tracks all cartons on the pallets using mobile computer code reading devices. The system records the operator details, date and the product information incorporated in each 2D and 1D code. Once the cartons have been transferred to the pallets, a mobile computer code reading device is used to read the carton codes and to confirm which cartons are on each pallet.

The operator enters the batch data into the workstation and the printers automatically print the labels for the batch including the data matrix code and human readable text. The system provides a report which includes the items on each pallet, to be issued to Exwold Technology Ltd’s customer.

The data matrix on the primary and secondary packaging includes the following:

  • GTIN number
  • Batch number
  • Production date

The pallets include:

  • GTIN number
  • The number of trade units
  • Batch number
  • Production date
  • SSCC Number


The print and traceability solution ensures that the quality of products manufactured meets the expectations of Exwold Technology, the regulation and their customers. This will lead to customer satisfaction, higher customer retention and increases in revenue.

“The implementation of the system demonstrates Exwold’s commitment to the Crop Protection Industry, traceability and product safety. ITS was delighted to secure this project, and working in partnership with SATO, we were able to offer a leading-edge solution to meet Exwold’s needs.”

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