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Case Studies > ITS Installs a Cognex In-Sight Vision System to Accurately Inspect Chocolate Bars

ITS Installs a Cognex In-Sight Vision System to Accurately Inspect Chocolate Bars

Industrial Technology Systems Ltd (ITS), a Cognex Partner System Integrator (PSI), has successfully completed a project to design, configure and implement a Cognex In-Sight vision system to perform quality inspections for a confectionery manufacturer.

The installed Cognex In-Sight vision system inspects one specific line of individual chocolate bars at a rate of 250 per minute. The system checks for the correct shape, length, width, chocolate coverage and deformities in the ‘footprint’ of the chocolate bar. The vision system has improved OEE by reducing the downtime caused by out-of-specification chocolate bars reaching the flow wrapper and has reduced the number of good quality bars falsely rejected.

As a result of the company’s investment, product quality now meets the stringent standards required by their customers, waste levels and costs have reduced as any defects are detected early in the production process, and production efficiency has improved due to increases in inspection reliability and OEE performance.

As productivity rates rise and line speeds increase, 100% inspection tasks become increasingly difficult for operators to perform effectively. Online inspection devices such as vision sensors, vision systems and code readers are more reliable and accurate alternatives to manual inspection.

The potential applications for vision systems are endless. They can be used in the food and beverage industry to locate products for robot picking, to measure fill levels on bottles, to check the presence of a cherry on a muffin, to verify the roundness of cakes, to check the presence of labels on packaging etc.

Cognex’s In-Sight vision systems are low cost, high performance online inspection devices that are used to automatically identify and measure parts, verify the correct assembly of products and guide production equipment. Each system is equipped with a full library of proven vision tools. Additionally, Ethernet communication is built into most models, so that multiple In-Sight systems can be linked across the factory, vision activity can be managed from remote locations and inspection results can be shared among all levels of the organisation. 

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