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Case Studies > ITS Ltd Implements a Solution to Maximise the Operational Efficiency of Philips AVENT’s New Natural Baby Bottle Line

ITS Ltd Implements a Solution to Maximise the Operational Efficiency of Philips AVENT’s New Natural Baby Bottle Line

Philips AVENT’s innovative approach to baby care products and dedication to providing solutions that make feeding and caring for baby's health and safety easier, have been highlighted by the company’s decision to invest in a data acquisition and reporting solution for its new baby bottle production line.

Philips AVENT has been designing and manufacturing baby products that are inspired by nature and have been developed through extensive research and clinical trials since 1984. A new baby bottle has recently been launched by Philips AVENT, which is part of a range designed to help mums provide their babies with breast milk for longer. The new Natural bottle marks the first change in the AVENT bottle design in 25 years and its breast-shaped teat encourages easy latch on, giving mums the confidence to combine breastfeeding and bottle feeding breast milk.

To maximise efficiency of its new Natural bottle line at its Glemsford site in Suffolk, Philips AVENT awarded Industrial Technology Systems Ltd (ITS Ltd) the contract to design and install a system to meet their needs.

Ninety per cent of Philips AVENT’s products are designed and manufactured at its award-winning Suffolk site, which includes production equipment from several manufacturers. The company therefore required a solution that would connect dissimilar systems and integrate information to enable them to make rapid business decisions.

With extensive experience in supplying data acquisition systems to a wide range of industries and connecting to a variety of equipment types, ITS Ltd was awarded the contract to implement the solution, manage the project and offer advice on how connectivity could be achieved across the facility.

The main project objectives were to provide data recording and reporting functionality to Philips AVENT in the following areas:

  • Downtime Analysis
    • Automatic storage, recall and analysis of machine states and events
    • Real-time reporting of machine performance and reliability
  • Quality Assurance
    • Storage of production parameters for process analysis
  • Production Management & Tracking
    • Electronic management of machine settings

ITS Ltd created the User Requirement Specification for the new system and recommended ICONICS’ technology as the best solution to meet Philips AVENT’s needs, due to the company’s commitment to leading-edge visualisation software, true 64-bit technology, Windows 7, and OPC-based connectivity. With 300,000 installations in over 60 countries worldwide, ICONICS’ web-enabled HMI, SCADA and manufacturing intelligence products are based on OPC-To-The-Core™ technology and offer unparalleled performance, efficiency, and ease of connectivity.

Designed and implemented by ITS Ltd, the solution is based on a range of ICONICS products including GENESIS64™, Productivity Analytics, Hyper Historian and ReportWorx. GENESIS64™, the industry’s first 64-bit HMI/SCADA suite, offers an enterprise visualisation HMI dashboard to display performance data. The Productivity Analytics module records events from the machinery including start / stop, uptime, and production counts for OEE reporting. Hyper Historian provides the data historian functionality for process variables whilst ReportWorX offers an Excel based configurable reporting tool, to provide flexible and easy to use reporting functionality.

The solution has enhanced Philips AVENT’s operational performance in a number of ways. The OEE and downtime analysis provides Philips AVENT with the ability to review equipment performance at any point in time and to prioritise fault rectification activities to focus staff on critical issues. Information is available to any user with a web browser and a suitable level of security on their desktop. This provides Philips AVENT with the quickest possible route to analyse performance and enable efficiency improvements.

The SCADA screens provide a combination of performance and process information available at a glance to people working on the shop floor. This enables them to see quickly when an asset is out of control, and to make decisions efficiently based upon the real-time information from individual machines in one dashboard.

The system uses the latest Windows 7 and Windows server 2008 platforms and web browser-based interfaces are available to view the data, thus reducing the amount of specialist software required on user machines. This will reduce the support costs for the IT department in the long term.

The solution was implemented in phases to allow for maximum return on investment at each stage of the overall investment. Projects Manager Martin Cox said: “We were delighted to win this project and have enjoyed working with Philips AVENT’s team, and sharing our expertise and experience to achieve a smooth project implementation that will maximise the new Natural baby bottle line’s operational efficiency.”

Anura Dharmarathna, Philips, agreed: “The Natural range launch was one of the biggest launches for Philips AVENT for many years, and is proving to be extremely popular already, so it was crucial that we ensured the production was as efficient as possible from the start. The ICONICS software implemented by ITS Ltd provides an impressive solution that enables us to react to equipment performance issues and analyse data quicker so we can meet our productivity objectives.”

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