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Case Studies > ITS Provides an MES Solution Based on Wonderware's InTouch and InTrack Systems

ITS Provides an MES Solution Based on Wonderware's InTouch and InTrack Systems

A manufacturing supplier to a large automotive manufacturer was looking to rationalise its Manufacturing Execution and Information System. The requirements involved the following areas: tracking, reporting and archiving.

ITS was approached to formulate a report on the existing system and provide recommendations to enhance and improve the functionality of the existing system. The new solution utilised Wonderware's InTouch and InTrack systems.

Key objectives and benefits

  1. Partially replace legacy system
    • Objective: Partially replace the process server machine. Import and extend the functionality into the new MES in ways that improve performance and add value.
    • Benefit: Increase stability and reliability of database.
  2. Separate Database functions
    • Objective: Separate process database functions.
    • Benefit: Reduce load on current server and increase plant tolerance to server break downs.
  3. Minimise irrelevant information
    • Objective: To reduce un-needed data communicated on system.
    • Benefit: Improve efficiency, enabling InTrack to be solely used for real-time WIP tracking. Also allows optimum stock levels to be maintained.
  4. Link Office and process systems
    • Objective: Link process and back office networks.
    • Benefit: Eliminate delays in response times due to lack of visibility of shop floor operations.

All these benefits and more were possible after they were identified and integrated into the solution. All solutions are different but the flexibility of the software allows individual configuration to a high degree to cater for unique customer needs.

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