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Case Studies > ITS' Vision Expertise Assists Their Customers in Improving Their Production Processes

ITS' Vision Expertise Assists Their Customers in Improving Their Production Processes

Inspection is an integral part of any pharmaceutical production line. The falling costs of automatic equipment has been a significant factor in two recent trends. Firstly, there has been a move to 100% inspection against several criteria at once, and secondly, specific inspections at several points along a line are now increasingly common.

Inspection criteria can include the quality of label printing, the alignment, spacing and contamination as well as simple presence. 100% inspection brings obvious quality benefits to the manufacturer.  “Distributed” inspection minimises waste by rejecting a faulty build before more value is added to it. The systems pinpoint faulty stages for immediate attention and therefore reduce downtime. Finally a vision system minimises false results by careful design and the provision of appropriate statistics and controls. Other benefits are highlighted below.

ITS’ vision engineering team concentrates on the benefits that our services can bring to your production process, targets and improvement programme. You can use ITS to find out whether an inspection idea is feasible, to replace obsolete equipment, or to build inspection into an integrated manufacturing control scheme.

Evans Vaccines was in the process of constructing a new syringe filling and packing facility. Compatible systems were required for line monitoring of both the filling and packing lines. As an approved solution provider for Systech’s Line Optimisation and Vision Systems, ITS was selected to provide engineering services to configure, test and document the systems.

The syringe filling line employed a TIPS Advisor System as a central monitoring node for input from several PLCs. Alarm messages and product counts from the machine PLCs are now displayed for the operator via a touch screen interface.

The PC based vision system produces various reports detailing batch information, machine efficiency, utilisation and downtime analysis for performance monitoring purposes which meet due diligence requirements.

The downtime analysis module was configured by ITS to respond to machine stops, with lists of possible causes and repairs that the operator can respond to. This information is now stored by the system and used to generate reports on machine performance throughout a batch. Additional alarms have also been added to the screen for the operators.

The project involved four inspections including the OCV on labels, syringe component presence, carton overprint verification and overprint verification on the case packer. The project was carried out successfully, within the timescales and in conjunction with Systech.


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