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Case Studies > MES Project Implemented Using Wonderware’s InTrack, InTouch and Siemens SIMATIC PLCs

MES Project Implemented Using Wonderware’s InTrack, InTouch and Siemens SIMATIC PLCs

The Manufacturing Execution System installed by Industrial Technology Systems Ltd (ITS) collects, stores, and manages the retrieval of all historical production and process information for all processes at the customer’s plant. The new system has provided a means of storing and managing the distribution of production and process control information throughout the plant. As part of the project ITS' team was also responsible for replacing part of the system which was no longer supported, with a modern, more effective solution that is easier to maintain and modify.

The new systems, designed and implemented by ITS have optimised the performance of the plant. The new systems and the extended functionality have provided the operators with greater input and control over the plant. Improvements in the gathering and sharing of information means that the operators and management team have a better understanding of the performance of the plant, trends are now clear and potential problems can be identified prior to the repercussions. The systems installed are far more flexible and easier to change should the process or management methods change. The customer also has redundancy in the sense that the production floor can continue to run in the event of MES or network failure.

ITS was awarded the project to design, install and commission the control system which required two new SIMATIC TI555 PLC systems contained in four control panels and two control desks and also to install an MES system. ITS had to modify the PLC software standard to include several new conveyors. To allow this new PLC program to control the new plant, two new control panels were required with a new control desk.

The existing TI565 PLC was removed, as it was nearing obsolescence. It was replaced with a TI555 in a new control desk extension during the summer shutdown. The program required modification at a later date to interface with the new MES. All of the new PLCs were installed with a Siemens OP37 HMI, which was fully configured by ITS to meet their customer’s needs.

The Manufacturing Execution System installed by ITS includes a database server, an I/O server, an engineering/development station, four plant workstations in the new control desks and three office workstations. The MES phase of the project was implemented using the InTrack and InTouch elements of Wonderware’s Factory Suite. 

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