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Case Studies > Traceability System for an Electronics Company

Traceability System for an Electronics Company

An electronics component manufacturing company was looking for a traceability system to address product and process related quality, but because of overlap, areas including engineering, material control, process control and customer service needed to be addressed.

Industrial Technology Systems Ltd (ITS) was approached to formulate a report on the existing system and provide a solution to meet their particular needs, which centred on the need for traceability. The following benefits were identified and a solution presented and implemented:

Key objectives and benefits

  1. Lifetime traceability
    • Objective: For any part, at any stage, to be visible back through assembly and test through to process and testing carried out by the original supplier(s).
    • Benefit: Readily available information down to component level for timely reporting on subsequent quality issues.
  2. Product Quality
    • Objective: All quality related data to be captured for parts through their lifetime.
    • Benefit: Readily available information on collated data.
  3. Routing/Movement Control
    • Objective: Adjust the flow of parts/systems based on the outcome of testing or inspection.
    • Benefit: Improve efficiency. Also cuts down on rework and scrap.
  4. Statistical Process Control
    • Objective: Collect data to measure deviations in quality related process parameters, e.g. average yield/defects per system.
    • Benefit: Improvements in the quality of products and increases in customer satisfaction.

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