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Case Studies > Traceability System for Tablets, Syringes and Liquids

Traceability System for Tablets, Syringes and Liquids

As one of the world leaders in pharmaceutical manufacture, the customer aims to have the most detailed information about the entire process, from raw materials to finished product and everything in between. This traceability system was designed by Industrial Technology Systems Ltd (ITS) to assist in the optimisation of the line.

Key Objectives and Benefits

  1. Provide improved optimisation information
    • Objective: Gather data from all the different functional machines/manufacturers.
    • Benefit: The system provides one point-of-view (and control) for all machines.
  2. Enhance operation of existing plant systems
    • Objective: Reduce set-up times and eliminate errors.
    • Benefit: Set-up detail is now sent direct to printers and checking devices from the 'product record', and it's the same every time and right first time.
  3. Enhance information links for Shop Floor and Management level
    • Objective: Give additional feedback to the line operators and management.
    • Benefit: Shop floor displays with management reports that can be displayed or printed. The system can link to the site LAN too.
  4. Future proof
    • Objective: Support and expansion of the system must be available and cost effective.
    • Benefit: 24 hour support is in place. Integral vision inspection and 200% I/O count increase is available when required.

Implementation of the system has led to improved diagnostics. The detail collected has in turn allowed improvements to the machines to be undertaken. Additional I/O is being collected so that more optimisation can take place.

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