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Code Readers

Industrial Technology Systems Ltd (ITS) offers a range of solutions for verifying the quality of the codes, reading 1D and 2D codes and performing DoD validation. 

With product traceability and Direct Part Mark Identification becoming increasingly important to the aerospace, automotive, pharmaceutical, medical device, electronics and food & beverage industries, the need for codes or RFID to identify and track the parts or products is critical.

As a Cognex Partner Systems Integrator, ITS offers code reader solutions based on Cognex’s DataMan 7500 series. DataMan is the industry leading hand held code reader, capable of reading the most challenging 1D and 2D codes as well as the easiest codes. With a DataMan reader and IDMax, a 2D reading software, ITS’ engineers can handle significant degradations in the quality of the codes.  

ITS also offers a range of Cognex In-Sight fixed mount code readers. The In-Sight code readers handle low contrast, poorly formed codes and can read up to 7200 parts per minute. If a part or product has broad variations in size, orientation and appearance it may be difficult for a vision sensor to read the code. ITS’ engineers overcome these difficulties by using Cognex’s IDMax, a powerful software tool which handles lighting variations, distortion, changes in surfaces as well as dirt and dust. 

ITS can collate the real-time data from the code readers into a vision tracking system. The location facts from a vision tracking system can be the basis for scheduling activity, quality investigations and achieving accurate traceability, faster responses to quality issues and improvements in customer satisfaction and brand protection.

ITS has extensive experience in Direct Part Mark Identification (DPMI), the industry standard for marking products and in implementing automotive code readers. Recent projects have been undertaken for Dunlop Tyres, Nissan and TRW Automotive.

ITS has extensive experience in configuring the following code readers: 

Fixed Mount Hand Held
 Cognex DataMan 100S  Cognex DataMan 700
 Cognex Dataman 100Q  Cognex DataMan 750
 Cognex Dataman 100X  Cognex DataMan 750S
 Cognex Dataman 200S Cognex DataMan 6400
 Cognex Dataman 200X  Cognex DataMan 6500
 Cognex Dataman 200Q Cognex DataMan 7500
 Cognex In-Sight 5110  Cognex DataMan 7550
 Cognex In-Sight 5410  Datalogic DLC6000 Series
 Cognex In-Sight 5410S  Datalogic DLC7070 Series 
 Cognex In-Sight 5411  Datalogic Matrix Series
 Cognex In-Sight 5413  Datalogic Dragon Series
 Cognex In-Sight 5610  Datalogic Gryphon Series
 Cognex In-Sight 5613  Datalogic Firescan Series
 Cognex In-Sight Micro 1110  Datalogic Heron Series
 Cognex In-Sight Micro 1410  Datalogic Lynx Series
 Cognex In-Sight Micro 1413

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