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Engineering Resources

Engineering Resources

Are you unable to employ all the software engineers, specialists and management personnel that you require?

Industrial Technology Systems Ltd (ITS) specialises in helping companies resolve these resource issues by offering highly skilled and experienced technical, management and engineering resources.

Whatever your requirements, whether you need additional resource to carry out work during a shutdown or longer term support, ITS’ engineers can be hired to spend a day, week, or longer period at your company’s site. They can carry out regular software changes and back-ups, keep documentation up to date, add facilities for new equipment, train new operators or contribute to your improvement programme. You stay in charge of their priorities but they remain an ITS employee and can call on additional resource from one of our offices.

If your plant is running obsolete computers with out of date languages, the skills to add new functionality to these systems is scarce. ITS’ engineers span many technologies, new and old, so our skills and experience can be applied to prolong the life of a solid and reliable system written in a language such as Apigraph, RTL2, ADA, Eiffel, FORTRAN77 and running under RSX, OS9, RTOS etc. A short term engineering resource contract may be all that you need to add a new interface or modify a file format. If however you decide that the solution is to replace the old system, then we can provide engineering resource to ensure that all of the old functions are fully documented prior to the upgrade, and can also implement a new replacement system.


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