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ITEM Solution for ESOS Compliance

The ESOS regulations apply to large organisations that carry out a trade or businesses which employ more than 250 people, or fewer than 250 and have an annual turnover greater than €50m.

What must organisations do to comply with ESOS?

  • Measure the total energy consumed by your organisation for all assets and activities
  • Identify areas of significant energy consumption
  • Undertake energy audits to identify energy saving opportunities
  • Complete assessments and report compliance
  • Maintain records as evidence of compliance
  • All energy data collated must be verifiable

How we can we help you to comply

The installation of a sub-metering system and the subsequent analysis of the data can yield an average of 12% reduction in energy consumption and costs (*Carbon Trust, 2007).

Our focus is on saving our clients’ money whilst delivering ESOS legislative. Data acquisition and its subsequent analysis are fundamental in the development of energy savings opportunities which, if implemented, can result in significant savings to a business.

The Intelligent Targeted Energy Management (ITEM) services that ITS offers are designed to provide real-time visibility of energy usage and an insight into where energy and cost savings can be achieved. We can assist companies through all stages of an energy improvement programme by performing initial gap analyses, installing hardware and software to gather the data, identifying energy saving opportunities, carrying out audits to achieve ESOS compliance, and delivering on-going data gathering and analysis services.

ITS’ Intelligent Targeted Energy Management (ITEM) solution offers a customisable 5-step process and includes the following range of services.

Download the "ITEM - A Single Solution for ESOS Compliance" brochure

*The 12% energy savings figure comes from a study carried out by the Carbon Trust. The full report is available at

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