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PC-based Machine Vision Systems

Industrial Technology Systems Ltd (ITS) provides PC Based Machine Vision Systems for complex, high speed and challenging applications. ITS’ vision team designs and configures various PC solutions including Cognex’s VisionPro, Systech’s TIPS Sentri and Stemmer’s Common Vision Blox.

PC Based Vision Systems offer flexibility with greater power and speed. They are capable of handling multiple cameras and applications, with the added option of being able to utilise third party software such as VB.NET and C++ to create custom user interfaces.

PC Vision Systems can provide products which are standards-based for use in the pharmaceutical industry, while ITS' vision team is also able to utilise PC Vision Systems to determine Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), where relevant data can be collected, stored and used in reports. This data can then be utilised by ITS' engineers to calculate a production lines' availability, performance and quality in order to identify areas for improvement.

Some of the industries in which ITS has integrated PC based Vision Systems include:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Nuclear
  • Fabrication

With these systems, ITS can provide high speed, quality solutions across multiple production lines, with a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that suits your needs.

ITS' engineers are experienced in the following PC Based Vision Systems:

Cognex VisionPro 8501 Systech MICRO SENTRI
Cognex VisionPro 8504 Systech TIPS ADVISOR
Cognex VisionPro Firewire Systech TIPS SENTRI
Cognex VisionPro Gigabit Ethernet Stemmer Common Vision Blox
Cognex VisionPro Line scan

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