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PLC Programmers

Fluctuations in PLC programming demands can be solved by using Industrial Technology Systems Ltd's (ITS) flexible Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) programmer service, on a short, medium or long term basis.

An experienced PLC programmer from ITS can provide a company with immediate support for a day, a week, a month or longer, thanks to a service designed to address variations in work requirements.

ITS’ PLC programmers offer more just PLC programming expertise. They are experienced in the design and implemementation of SCADA, DCS and Safety Systems, and have extensive experience of working with a wide range of PLCs, from single unit devices to large distributed rack-based systems for customers in the Automotive, Aviation, Chemical, Food and Beverage Medical Device, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Oil and Gas and Utilities industries.

In addition, ITS offers a range of upgrade services to bring customers up to speed with the latest products, including Siemens S5 to S7 and Allen-Bradley’s PLC-5 to ControlLogix upgrades.

Whilst the PLC programming contracts are managed and controlled by an ITS project manager, the customer stays in charge of the programmer’s priorities and they remain an ITS employee and are able to call on additional resources from one of our offices.

ITS’ PLC programming service removes the costs of agencies, the difficulties encountered in agencies selecting the right people, and the risks involved in using small companies and self employed programming personnel.

Please find below a list of the PLC programming skills within ITS' team.

Allen-Bradley CompactLogix Mitsubishi Q4AR Series
Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Modicon 984 Series 
Allen-Bradley FlexLogix  Modicon Quantum
Allen-Bradley MicroLogix  Siemens 5TI
Allen-Bradley PLC5  Siemens PCS 7
Allen-Bradley ProcessLogix  Siemens S5
Allen-Bradley SLC500  Siemens S7-200
GEM80  Siemens S7-300
 Mitsubishi A Series  Siemens S7-400 
 Mitsubishi FX Series  Siemens TI 545
 Mitsubishi Q Series Siemens TI 555

ITS' engineers are competent in using the following PLC programming packages:

 Modicon ProWORX  Rockwell RSLogix 5000
Modicon Concept Siemens STEP 5
Modicon Modsoft  Siemens STEP 7
Rockwell RSLogix 5  Siemens TIA Portal
Rockwell RSLogix 500  GX Developer

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