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RiTA Utilities & Energy Monitoring System

With increases in utility costs, tax levies and environmental initiatives, businesses are under pressure to improve their utilities and energy consumption.

Whatever your requirements, whether you need to introduce an energy-saving programme, reduce your utility costs and carbon footprint, or monitor the effectiveness of an existing campaign, there is one fundamental factor - you will need accurate data to understand your utilities’ consumption, identify and target inefficiencies and monitor the effectiveness of your actions.

Industrial Technology Systems Ltd's (ITS)  RiTA Utilities and Energy Monitoring System is a reliable solution for accurate real-time monitoring, recording and reporting of energy and utilities usage.

Designed for the NHS and manufacturing / processing industries, RiTA automatically measures and records real-time usage data, including electricity, water, steam, air and gas.  Please click on the links below to learn how RiTA benefits these industry sectors.

RiTA for the NHS
RiTA for Manufacturing / Processing Industries

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The system enables you to access a range of real-time and historical data including temperature, pressure, flow, voltage, current per phase, frequency, power factor, power and energy. With this data you can gain an accurate understanding of your usage patterns.

RiTA provides you with the ability to produce graphical trend reports. Any irregularities in usage patterns are highlighted in the graphs and you can examine the data to pinpoint the exact date and time to the second, for further investigation.

RiTA also helps you to manage and improve your consumption by providing a traffic light alert system to highlight poor performance.

Scalable Solution

The system can be scaled to suit a wide range of environments including small, medium and large offices, hospitals, health centres, leisure facilities, schools, manufacturing plants and processing sites. 

A pilot system can be implemented in one area of your office or plant to prove that the system reliably records utilities and energy usage. This will identify high consumption areas to be targeted for improvement.


With reliable statistics at your fingertips, the data can be used to challenge suppliers’ billing figures, identify equipment problems, educate and empower employees, improve usage and costs, and take the first steps towards an environmental improvement programme.

The RiTA Utilities & Energy Monitoring System meets government-set energy-efficiency criteria.  As a result, purchasers of RiTA may be eligible to claim an Enhanced Capital Allowance for their energy saving investment.

Remember that monitoring and controlling utilities and energy consumption saves money, and the payback can start immediately.

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