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Traceability Systems

Manufacturers in safety critical industries such as aerospace, automotive, food and beverage, medical device, nuclear and pharmaceutical are responsible for tracking and tracing products through all stages of production, processing and distribution. Real-time computerised traceability systems offer an effective, accurate and reliable solution to meet these requirements.

ITS can offer advice in traceability solutions, including the food regulation 178/2002/EC, introduced in January 2005, RFID, DPMI (the process of marking products with a 1D or 2D code to track the parts) and Machine Vision Systems. Whether you need assistance in identifying your needs, writing a User Requirement Specification or designing and implementing a solution, ITS' team can assist.

Since Industrial Technology Systems (ITS) was established in 1991, the company has designed and implemented many traceability systems in regulated industries. ITS’ traceability systems are designed to track products through all stages of the manufacturing cycle. The systems gather real-time shop floor data through the automatic devices (code readers / RFID), provide full audit trails and accurate genealogy, required to meet strict industry regulations.

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