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GMP Training for Operators

Course Title:GMP Training for Operators
Course Delivery:

The GMP Training for Operators Course can be delivered in a hotel, one of our offices, your premises or online via a virtual classroom. The course content can be tailored to meet your requirements. Request a quote for an onsite or online virtual course for an agreed number of delegates from your site.

Course Duration:1/2 day
Course Overview:

The GMP Training for Operators is a useful course for packaging and manufacturing organisations, both for new staff or those requiring a refresher.

The course is designed to minimise the operators’ time away from the workplace. Within the half day course, the important basics are covered through interaction and operator involvement.

This course can be delivered on-site for maximum benefit, providing the option of covering two sets of operators over one day. The training is also available as an open course delivered in hotels.

Course Content:
  • Consider why GMP is so important for patients, healthcare regulators and manufacturers 
    • Discuss and explain what GMP means
    • Clarify the consequences of non-compliance to GMP for patients, regulators and subsequently the healthcare manufacturer
    • Review of regular non-compliance problems e.g. labelling, contamination, not following procedures, missing documents etc.
  • Briefly introduce who the main regulators are and the rules and regulations that healthcare manufacturers have to follow
    • Learn and understand what standard operating procedures (SOPs) are and why they must be strictly followed and used during manufacturing and packaging
    • Review of an SOP, why it is important to be trained against and used daily by operators in key critical tasks
    • Keeping training records up-to-date
  • Determine the effects of and differences between micro-biological contamination, cross contamination and foreign contamination
    • A description of three types of contamination and what it means for operators, including the importance of clearing and cleaning between product changes
    • Review of personal hygiene and gowning-up procedures and requirements
  • Analyse the importance of good documentation practice and recall why it is so important
    • Review examples of good documentation practice against poor practice
    • Highlight the need for traceability when problems with product occur

Open Course Dates:
GMP Training for Operators
5 November 2020, Online Virtual Classroom Delivery, £560+VAT per learner.
GMP Training for Operators
5 January 2021, Online Virtual Classroom Delivery, £560+VAT per learner.
GMP Training for Operators
11 March 2021, Near Manchester Airport, £560+VAT per learner.
GMP Training for Operators
22 April 2021, Cambridgeshire, £560+VAT per learner.
GMP Training for Operators
13 May 2021, Dublin, Ireland, £560+VAT per learner.
GMP Training for Operators
8 July 2021, London, £560+VAT per learner.
GMP Training for Operators
26 September 2021, Near Manchester Airport, £560+VAT per learner.
GMP Training for Operators
4 November 2021, Cambridgeshire, £560+VAT per learner.

GROUP BOOKING DISCOUNT - Book more than one place on an open course and receive the following discounts:

  • 10% discount on second place
  • 20% discount on third place
  • 25% discount on fourth place

Group booking discounts cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Cost includes tuition, lunch and training materials. Download a printable version of the Booking Form and Terms and Conditions.

Onsite Courses:

This course can be delivered to a group of up to 12 delegates at your premises or as an online virtual classroom course for an agreed number of delegates from your site. Request a quote.


"Well delivered and open to questions with good answers.”
Bayer CropScience

“Very informative.”
Briar Chemicals Ltd

“It gives a good understanding of GMP.”
Briar Chemicals Ltd

Briar Chemicals Ltd

“It is a good overview of what is needed to know.”
RMS Innovations (UK) Limited

“Worth the journey.”
RMS Innovations (UK) Limited

“Informative and professional.”
Synergy Health plc

“Lots of info in an easy to understand, relaxed style.”
Synergy Health plc

“Concise and thorough balance.”
Synergy Health plc

Bioquell UK Ltd

“Speaker is knowledgeable.”
Bioquell UK Ltd

“Good course and instructor.”
Briar Chemicals Ltd

ITS Tutor's Experience:

ITS’ Regulatory Compliance Services’ Manager, Elizabeth Vaughan, has developed extensive knowledge of this specialist area from over 30 years’ industry experience working with Sanofi, Bristol Myers Squibb, Diomed Developments and Vifor Pharma UK. Elizabeth has worked in quality roles within the laboratory and pharmaceutical industry, and gained extensive experience in global quality systems and regulatory affairs, as well as ISO 13485, ISO 9001 and cGMP compliance. Throughout her career, she has been responsible for sharing her knowledge through the design and delivery of a range of training courses for production personnel including Good Manufacturing Practice, Change Control, Deviation Management, Electronic Record Compliance, Validation and Management of API Suppliers/Manufacturers. Elizabeth also has extensive experience in providing quality and GMP training to improve the performance of site quality managers.


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