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Training Services

Training Needs Analysis

Identifying training needs can be a difficult task that requires sensitivity. As an external company, Industrial Technology Systems Ltd’s (ITS) training team is in a good position to see beyond the immediate issues and can give a better insight into what is needed to achieve the maximum benefit. Our experience in many industries makes us aware of the strengths and weaknesses of individuals, the capabilities of departments and the skills and aptitudes needed for business growth.

ITS’ Training Needs Analysis Services are designed to identify employee skill gaps within your organisation. ITS’ team use a number of data gathering techniques including:

  • Employee questionnaires
  • Short employee interviews
  • Customer feedback
  • Observations
  • Presence at meetings
  • Inspection of training records and SOPs
  • Evaluation of training provided

Following the data gathering stage,  the data will be analysed and ITS will produce a Training Needs Analysis Report, highlighting the company’s objectives and skills requirements to meet the corporate goal. The report will identify individual training requirements and the most suitable training methods to maximise the training results for each individual. The report will also provide an evaluation of previous training events, both internal and external, and an analysis of the company’s Standard Operating Procedures. The Training Needs Analysis Report will conclude with a recommended training plan.

If you are anxious about skills imbalance or your company’s ability to exploit new opportunities then talk to ITS’ Training Needs Analysis Team. We are dedicated to identifying the best training solutions to maximise company performance.

Learning Transfer in the Workplace

Training activities should benefit both the individual and the company, and well managed training includes an assessment of this benefit. This assessment is vital in determining maximum value for your investment and is important in regulated industries as cGMP requires that ‘…its practical effect should be periodically assessed.’

ITS' end-of-course action plans are just the first stage in ensuring that the learners apply their skills and knowledge in their working environment. ITS can also provide practical guidance onsite and the following services, to ensure that the trainee uses the skills and knowledge where it matters most in the workplace:

  • Assist or develop work-based managers, supervisors etc. in mentoring and assessing skills
  • Develop action plans and regular evaluations with mentors and learners to ensure that action occurs
  • Provide guidance and support to identify suitable assessment criteria for the learner in critical areas in their workplace i.e. ensure that the learner is competent before independent working on the task is allowed
  • Assist in or actual development of work-based assessors and assessment (skills and knowledge testing)
  • Development of suitable role competencies

Whatever requirements you have, ITS will ensure that any work carried out will be dealt with privately and confidentially. If you have a requirement not listed above please contact us to discuss your needs further.

Curriculum Advice

Determining the suitability of courses for individuals in different job roles can be challenging. Whether it is for a new employee, an internal job changer, or for internal changes to an established operation or job role, Industrial Technology Systems Ltd (ITS) can assist in the following areas:-

  • Developing a curriculum
  • Planning individual course schedules
  • Assessing course suitability
  • Career development / succession planning

ITS’ Training Manager has 27 years' experience working in manufacturing environments. He understands the challenges facing these industries and can apply his training knowledge to develop a curriculum that will motivate employees, increase productivity and provide a stable foundation for successful future expansion.

E-Learning System

ITS also provides a fully compliant, internet based e-learning and content management system that gives organisations the power to deliver rich, compelled e-learning content in an efficient and cost-effective way.

The E-Learning System can track and record each individual user's progress through their assigned training, both online and classroom-based, replacing cumbersome paper-based training systems and slashing the cost of training.

We understand that most organisations are constantly striving for quality. With that in mind, the E-Learning System has been designed to fit seamlessly with your quality management system, be it GxP, ISO or any other system.

The system contains a full-featured training management system. Inside this single application, organisations can manage, track and report against online training, offline training, classroom training sessions and all other training activities. All training elements are managed with the same levels of ease and flexibility as the online training material, providing your organisation with a single point of reference for all training records. What's more, our unique training properties system can be easily integrated with existing training records and information, ad-hoc training events and pre-existing certification, giving you an accurate picture of your organisation's training status.

The application has been designed with regulated industries in mind. Featuring full audit trail capability and the integration of globally recognised Electronic Signatures, the system is the obvious choice for any organisation with FDA, Sarbanes-Oxley or other regulated training requirements.

The system meets the stringent security and auditing requirements of 40 CFR Part 3, 21 CFR Part 11, DoD 5015.2-STD and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA).

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