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Vision Applications by Industry > Automotive


Brake Disk Inspection
This vision system performs the following functions: detecting damaged thread in hole, identifying missing thread, verifying correct presence of holes and checking correct brake disc type.
Brake Line Nut Inspection
This inspection system checks that the correct nut has been fitted to the brake line, in the correct orientation, and detects damaged thread.
Brake Pad Inspection
This inspection system checks the presence of the correct type of brake pad and verifies that specific measurements are within tolerance.
Moulded Assembly Inspection
This vision system provides an assembly and checking station for left and right hand plastic components for the automotive industry, avoiding the risk of punitive fines from customers for the delivery of substandard parts.
Piston Crown OCR
This vision application checks the part number stamped on the piston crown prior to assembly, ensuring the correct pistons are fitted to the engine.
Stator Inspection
This simple vision system checks that magnets are correctly fitted to the steering pump housing prior to assembly, and identifies faults before unnecessary work is carried out on the part.
Tyre Identification
This vision application identifies the tyres which flow through a single outlet point in the manufacturing plant, providing pattern and diameter recognition.
Weld Inspection
This vision system can identify missing or visibly faulty welds in automotive components, ensuring that only correct and fully assembled parts proceed to the next process stage.