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Vision Applications by Industry > Healthcare


Blister Pack Inspection
This robust vision system checks for the correct and full presence of capsules or tablets in a blister pack.
Bottle Fill Level Inspection
This vision system inspects the fluid level in pharmaceutical bottles to verify the correct fill level and prevent unacceptable product from reaching the market.
Box Closure Inspection
This vision system uses a single Cognex In-Sight sensor to detect the closure of an ointment package, avoiding contamination of the product and faulty goods going to market.
Concave Pressure Dome Inhaler Inspection
This vision application provides a visual identification system which reads the data matrix code on the problematic surface of concave pressure dome inhaler.
Inhaler Seal Inspection
This easy-to-use vision system checks that the inhaler cap seal has been fitted correctly before the cap and valve assembly is fitted and crimped.
Vial Fill Level and Cap Inspection
Vision inspection systems can ensure the correct amount of fluid is in a vial, and check that the vial cap is correctly fitted.