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Bottle Pack Inspection

This vision system is used to inspect multipacks of drinks bottles, providing an early warning of faulty product which could otherwise go to market.

A high resolution Cognex In-Sight unit incorporates two large diffuse fluorescent panel lights, illuminating the multipacks and allowing the bottle lid shapes to stand out from the shrinkwrap.

A Cognex In-Sight 5403 can detect missing bottles using a combination of Blob and PatMax® tools.

The system can perform the following functions:

  • Warn of problems at packaging stations
  • Prevent unnecessary labelling of unacceptable product
  • Prevent unacceptable product reaching market

Features of the system:

  • High performance, high resolution In-Sight vision sensors
  • Robust camera housings to IP67
  • Washdown LED Panel Lights
  • Robust inspection tools to identify failure mode
  • Simple HMI showing bottles to allow reject images to be displayed
  • Simple interface to line PLC allowing rejected bottles to be tracked through to reject stations

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