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Cheese Packaging Inspection

This vision system is capable of reading text, checking labels and ensuring the correct price is printed on packed cheese at a rate of four parts per second.

A Cognex In-sight 5401 industrial vision sensor is installed on the line to inspect each pack that passes through the photo cell beam. A Cognex PatMax inspects the label type using OCR techniques, reading six data fields on the pack and the pack barcode.

Variable weight packs require OCR to be carried out on pack price after reading the weight and the price per kilo, multiplying the two together to check whether the pack price is correct. This function is capable of rounding the maths, and recognises that the calculated price can vary by one penny either side of the calculated value due to rounding errors.

The system can perform the following functions:

  • Pass results to local reject mechanism to ensure the customer does not receive incorrectly labelled product which could result in punitive fines
  • Validation of product data against production control system

Features of the system:

  • Robust industrial Cognex In-Sight vision sensor
  • Longlife LED lighting which is strobed to lengthen life
  • Digital I/O interface to the reject mechanism to remove unacceptable packs
  • Direct interface to production tracking system
  • Link to MES for product changeover
  • Results, or batch statistics can be provided to production control system
  • Camera can work as stand alone sensor without a local GUI to reduce costs

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