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Food Packaging Inspection

This vision system inspects the outer packaging of prepared meals, using a single Cognex In-Sight vision sensor, checking that the sell by and best before dates are correctly printed and in the correct place.

The system operation is from a central office-based interface which allows the production supervisor to select which product is to be run on any line in the packing hall. From this database the In-Sight sensor is set up ready for production.

Once set up, the In-Sight receives its trigger signals from a local photocell mounted on its line, and results of its inspection (Pass/Fail) are shown on a digital output used to stop the line.

Problems that can be solved by the system:

  • Printer malfunctions or errors
  • Shipping products with incorrect food labels
  • Shipping food products to market which have the wrong sell by date or best before date, incurring punitive fines from the retailers

Features of the system: 

  • High performance, high resolution In-Sight vision sensor
  • Robust camera housings to IP67
  • Washdown LED lights
  • Robust inspection tools to identify failure mode
  • Virtually maintenance-free system
  • Simple HMI showing packages to allow reject images to be displayed
  • Simple interface to line PLC allowing rejected packages to be tracked through to reject stations
  • Central database to control the vision systems in an entire packaging hall

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